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Improve the lack of educational resources, teachers shortage and other problems in mountainous areas, and provide high-quality education opportunities for students in mountainous areas.

Educational resource support: Provide teaching equipment, textbooks, books and other educational resources to improve the educational conditions of schools in mountainous areas.

Teacher training and support: Train and support teachers in mountain areas to enhance their teaching ability and professionalism.

Student aid: Financial aid such as scholarships and bursaries are provided to students in mountainous areas to help them continue their education.

Volunteer teaching: Education volunteers are sent to schools in mountainous areas to serve as teachers or counselors to help students improve their academic performance and comprehensive literacy.

The purpose of volunteer education in mountainous areas is to provide equal educational opportunities, promote the development of education in mountainous areas, and help children in mountainous areas change their fate and realize their personal dreams. At the same time, volunteer education in mountainous areas also helps to narrow the gap between urban and rural education and promote educational equity and social progress.