Public Welfare Project


Dairyu Dream Plan strives to address the scarcity of educational resources and the shortage of faculty in mountainous regions, providing high-quality educational opportunities for students in these areas.

Educational Resource Support: Supplying teaching equipment, educational materials, textbooks, etc., to enhance the educational environment in mountainous schools.

Teacher Training and Support: Offering training and support to teaching faculty in mountainous areas to elevate their teaching skills and professional competence.

Student Sponsorship: Granting scholarships, financial aid, and grants to students in mountainous regions, enabling them to pursue further education.

Volunteer Teaching: Deploying educational volunteers to serve as teachers or mentors in mountainous schools, aiding students in improving their academic performance and overall development.

The objective of Dairyu Dream Plan’s efforts of rural teaching support is to promote equal educational opportunities and facilitate the development of education in these areas. With these endeavors, Dairyu Dream Plan can assist children in altering their destinies and realizing their personal aspirations. Concurrently, rural teaching support helps the nation narrow the urban-rural education divide, thereby fostering educational equity and societal advancement.