Public Welfare Project


Through diverse means, public welfare love conveyance of Dairyu Dream Plan endeavors to disseminate societal compassion and charitable deeds to individuals in need, thereby fostering social development and progress. This includes donating funds, goods, clothing, food, etc., to assist impoverished demographics, disaster-stricken communities, etc., while extending love and assistance to the beneficiaries. Aiming to convey care and warmth, Dairyu Dream Plan engages in volunteer activities and provides tangible support to those in need, such as non-profit tutoring, elderly companionship, and caring for children.


Through conducting educational and training activities in public welfare, Dairyu Dream Plan imparts knowledge and skills to empower disadvantaged communities to enhance their self-development capabilities. It also advocates for public welfare projects, stories, and deeds, encouraging wider attention and participation in public welfare endeavors and transmitting compassion to a broader audience. Additionally, Dairyu Dream Plan starts and advances public welfare initiatives and activities to broadens the spectrum of beneficiaries who receive care and assistance.


Through the love conveyance, the society fosters a more positive vibe, harnesses increased positive energy and promotes social harmony and development. Public welfare love conveyance requires proactive participation and support from all sectors of society, cultivating an environment of compassion and mutual development with joint efforts.