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Dairyu Dream Plan

Dairyu Dream Plan Founded in 2017 in Vancouver, Canada, it is a public welfare organization dedicated to mental health. While studying in Canada, founder Edward Ma found that many students studying overseas were more likely to suffer from mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression than their domestic counterparts. The original intention of this public welfare organization is to help overseas students better adapt to the new environment and learn to relieve psychological pressure. We often hear "good health to you", but rarely "good health to you". Mental health is often a place that we ignore, and there are many psychological counseling rooms at home and abroad that can help students in school. In today's networked society, there is already a phenomenon of mental health disorders when students go to counseling. We hope to teach people how to relieve psychological stress and reduce anxiety and depression. Mental health is a knowledge that requires continuous learning and improvement at different stages. Deyu Dream Charity has set up an overseas mental health community to provide a public welfare stage for overseas students. It calls on more international students to join public welfare organizations and form public welfare forces. It regularly organizes donations to help children in poor areas in China, and uses the collected materials and funds to fund schools in remote areas. Deyu Chuanmeng hopes to build such a "mutual help, mutual benefit" public welfare model calls on everyone to support those who really need help from their hearts.